Can My Dog Eat Ice Cream?

It would be great to have some ice cream for you in summer days and you may wonder if this is ok for your dog to enjoy some with you.


Maybe. It’s ok to share some certain types of ice cream with your dog. But ice cream is lactose intolerant for some dogs who should NEVER have ice cream for health concern.


Dogs dont digest milk well. Like humans, some dogs can be lactose intolerant and having ice cream may develop a stomach ache, gas, diarrhea or vomiting or worse. Keep your dog out of ice cream, especially human eating ones, will avoid some digestive issues caused by milk.


The sugar is high in ice cream, which is not good for dogs and can lead to gain weight. While obesity will develop other health issues to dogs.


Ice cream can be toxic to dogs. Some ice creams contain xylitol or chocolate which are toxic to dogs. Also never feed ice cream with raisins because they are poisonous for dogs.


Please keep in mind that you are taking risks if you feed your dog ice cream even if a lick.


Dog-Friendly Ice Cream Alternatives

If you want to feed your dog with some summer cooling treat, some frozen fruit in small quantities will be good options. Frozen bananas or blueberries are healthy snack alternatives for dogs and can also be cooling. Besides, you can buy dog-safe ice cream at pet stores to save you some time.


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